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Unstoppable Domains: 10 ways to use your domain

October 31, 2022

5 min

Unstoppable Domains: 10 ways to use your domain

Discover all the ways you can use your Web3 domains minted with Unstoppable Domains, which has developed numerous integrations to bring Web3 to you.

Managing your Unstoppable Domain

Before using your new domain, it is important to know where to find it and how to manage it.

You can always view it in your Unstoppable account, in the My Domains section.

From here, by clicking on ‘Manage’ you can control the details and add information to your profile. Once completed, you can view the public content on ud.me/your-domain-name and share it with whomever you wish.

Let us now see how to use Unstoppable Domains on the Web3.

1. Readable Wallet Address

Unstoppable Domains has developed a feature called Reverse Resolution, which serves to associate a Web3 domain name with a wallet address.

In this way, you can replace the long and complex addresses of your wallets with a single name: that of your website.

So if you need to send cryptocurrencies from an exchange to your wallet, just type in your domain name, with a reduced risk of making mistakes.

You can thus receive bitcoin, Ether and 264 other cryptocurrencies without worrying about entering the wrong address.

2. Encrypted and private email

A second feature by Unstoppable Domains is the possibility of having an @ud.me email address associated with your domain: a sort of alias. This address can be linked to your personal Google, Outlook or Skiff email, an end-to-end encrypted mailbox. All e-mails you send this way will show that they come from your Unstoppable e-mail and not from your personal address.

3. Decentralised website

You can create your own decentralised website and join the almost 30,000 internet domains created by the #UDfam!

Thanks to the integration of Unstoppable Domains with Brave, it is possible to create decentralised content completely independently. Brave supports the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed system.

4. Social profile and badge

Another way to use your NFT Unstoppable domains is to associate them with your social profiles on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Discord and Telegram. In this way you will show off you are a member of a community that actively participates in Web3. Through the domain you can also show some personal achievements, such as membership in NFT projects. Unstoppable Domains partners can also create domain-supported badges to reward their communities. So if you have participated in a historical moment of an Unstoppable partner crypto project, you can have proof of this on your Web3 identity.

5. Rewards in video games

If you love climbing the game rankings, you will love what Unstoppable is doing for your glorious wins.

Also thanks to the Reverse Resolution mentioned above, you can associate a domain with your nametag in some games and metaverses. This enhances the experience especially in play-to-earn video games that allow you to obtain and use cryptocurrencies. In addition, Unstoppable is collaborating with many gaming companies, including Atari and Gamestop.

6. Access to Dapps

You can use Unstoppable Domains as a simplified access method to many Dapps, from DeFi to gaming. This way you can choose which information to share with each Dapp, from all the information associated with your Web3 digital identity.

All this, thanks to the Single Sign-On (SSO) service ‘Login with Unstoppable’. Part of this functionality is also Humanity Check, a verified but 100% private identity level that you can associate with your Unstoppable domain. With Humanity Check you can prove that you are a unique person when using an application, in order to enrich your experience and collect rewards, all without revealing any personal information to the application.

7. Collecting and buying

Imagine having bought a 5-letter domain in the 1990s, before they became popular. That is why some people buy Web3 domains today, but there are also many people who buy them for fun, as collector’s items.

If you think there might be demand, you can offer your domain for sale either on the Unstoppable website or on the NFT marketplace Opensea.

8. Digital business card

How to use Unstoppable Domains to the full? With the new app, you can download a customised business card with your Web3 domain, profile picture and a link to your web3 domain. The card is currently optimised for the lock screen or clock widget of the iPhone.

9. Training certificates

With its partner Bitdegree, Unstoppable Domains allows users to take their training results with them on the Web3. Those who complete a course will obtain a badge attesting to their achievements in their Unstoppable profile.

10. Tips and donations

You can also connect your Unstoppable Domain with Coinkit, a wallet dedicated to tipping on social networks.

These are just 10 ways to use your Web3 domains. There is much more to come on Unstoppable Domains and throughout Web3.